4.82 FERROX COBRA 7.53 Custom Firmware v1.00


Alexander der laver FERROX har udgivet den nyeste custom firmware 4.82 FERROX COBRA.
Personligt venter jeg til Rebug.me kommer med deres version, FERROX pleje at være helt OK og minder meget om REBUG’s.
Så vil du ikke vente er det her et godt alternativ.

– Built from the base of OFW 4.82
– Can be installed from every CEX CFW and 3.55 OFW
– QA Flags enabled if already enabled, so there is the possibility to Downgrade to every Fw version
– COBRA 7.53
– Optional Graphic mods can be installed, along with HB Store
– PS2, PSX, PSP ISO / Minis / Remasterred Compatibility
– ReactPSN Compatibility
– RSOD Screen Bypass
– App_home/PS3_GAME
– XMB In-Game Screenshot
– Remote Play Compatibility
– Package Manager replaces the classic Install Install Package Files
– CPU & RSX Temperature are now shown in XMB In-Game while playing PS2 Games
– LV1: Patched to remove PS2 LV2 Protection
– LV1: Patched coreOS Hash Check to prevent Brick non non-Dehashed consoles
– LV1: Peek & Poke
– LV2: Peek & Poke
– Disabled Epilepsy message
– CINAVIA completely Disabled

Læs mere om den her:

Tested on various console by:
LizZo, MiZiO90, dodero4, GUERRA, Littlebalup

This is likely the lightweight COBRA Custom Firmware for PS3.
Have fun!
Report any problem!!

DOWNLOAD FERROX 4.82 COBRA 7.53 Custom Firmware: CLICK HERE!!!

MD5: c4a878c836be5ef13a660109a8941bbd

Vil ikke ha med COBRA osv så kig tråden her:


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