4.81 OVERFLOW CFW Collection ( Standard CEX / NO-BD / COBRA 7.3 / DualBoot)


Her er der flere nyere CFW versioner, personligt venter jeg til at Rebug kommer med en 4.81 CFW(REX) version når DEX bliver leaked.

Skal lige siges at jeg ikke selv har testet og tager ikke ansvar for fejl og mangler.

Vil anbefale i følger source, læser mere + læser kommentarer.
(Kommer ikke selv til at teste de her)


Source : http://www.psx-place.com/threads/darknet-4-81-cex-v1-00-cobra7-3-cfw.11482/


  • Overflow 4.81 V1 Standard CEX edition

    NOTE: Packages such as ccapi and multiman have not been updated to work with 4.81 at the time of this release.

    IMPORTANT NOTE:Ccapi (console manager) uninstalls when you install new cfw so make sure you have your cid saved if ccapi is set to change your cid at boot. If you already have Webman setting your cid keep a copy just incase.


    Built from 4.81 ofw
    NOT built with MFW-builder !!!
    LV0- All security checks disabled
    LV1- Disabled lv2 protection
    LV1- Disabled Hash Checks
    LV1- Added Peek & Poke
    Lv1- Added mmap-function 114
    Lv1- ACL checks removed
    LV2- Added syscalls
    LV2- Lv1 peek & poke support
    Games with 4.81 keys and lower will start
    Not added app/home
    Added option to xmb Install Packages with 3 paths (USB or HDD or download to usb)
    Warning message disabled for faster boot time
    Update from any cex cfw up to 4.81 and 3.55 ofw
    Added warning messages with update from internet to stop losing jailbreak
    QA flagged
    Both dex and cex packages supported
    Full react psn compatability
    Visual updated
    Cinavia protection disabled both disc and hard drive
    Some trophy sync errors removed/bypassed
    Remote play supported
    in-game screenshots supported
    psp drm checks disabled
    Removed annoying singstar icon
    runs fselfs as native (runs dex/debug files like eboots)
    added option to download packages from whats new in psn column
    (update list is updated as and when new packages become available)

    Tested Consoles:

    • CECH-A00
    • CECH-A01
    • CECH-C03
    • CECH-G04
    • CECH-L04
    • CECH-2003a
    • CECH-2503b




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