4.78.2 REBUG REX (D-REX) + COBRA v7.3 (w/ Rebug Toolbox v2.02.09)


What’s new since 4.78.2 REX/D-REX?

COBRA 7.3 Support added

(PS2 Launcher is NO LONGER needed to have wireless connectivity with DS3, Huge thanks to our beloved developer Habib and mysis)

XMBM+ support for for both XMB operation Mode [Debug/Retail] added

(XMB Manager Plus developed by Team XMBM now “FULLY” supported via standalone pkgs.)

More info regarding XMBM+ 

webMAN MOD 1.43.27

(It has many bug fixes and improved features!)

The issue with System Deactivation is fixed

(This issue was introduced since REBUG 4.75.3 due to changed act.dat deletion patch, now it’s fixed!)

Russian language support added for Package Manager

(Thanks to Alex Lightra1n for Translation!)

Download her : REBUG
Søg efter ex “4.78.2_REX.zip” på siden, åben zip, txt filen og der er linket i til CFW.


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