PLAYERKP420 4.78 CEX CFW V1.00


Så kom den første CFW 4.78 af PLAYERKP420  der har lavet en CEX CFW, kender ham mest fra MFW men nu er han den første med en CFW.
Personligt venter jeg på REBUG, eller bruger spoof hvis det er nødvendigt.


“The first 4.78 CFW (Custom Firmware) has appeared following the Official Firmware Update of 4.78, that we have just seen come alongside the PS Vita (& PSTV) v3.57 System Update. playerkp420 who is known for his various MFW releases (which are essentially CFW, but created with a tool called MFW builder) has been working on creating his own CFW from scratch.He delivers a simple CFW that’s a Standard CEX based firmware with the release of PLAYERKP420 4.78 v1.00 CFW. Also, playerkp420 has provided a Video Tutorial to show user’s how to setup the MAMBA payload which gives those non-cobra cfw’s cobra like features, in this link you can view some of the features MAMBA adds (such as ISO Support, Plugin Support, Network Loading and more). View the details of this 4.78 Custom Firmware release and if you are looking for all the latest 4.78 Releases and other CFW options be sure to view this link in our forums as we will be updating the list as things get updated and released over the next weeks.”



Firmware Version
Developer 4.78 Homebrew / CFW
  • 4.78
PLAYERKP420 4.78 v1.00 CFW

I have a lot of people asking me how to get online, since the latest update. I know the real devs are busy, and usually takes a few days before something is released. I did see there is a 4.78 spoofer out. But I wouldn’t trust any spoofer that wasn’t SEN Enabler or Rebug Toolbox.

So I thought I would share my NON Cobra 4.78 CFW that I made last night. I have tested it out on a few consoles (2001a + 2501a), and since it is a pretty basic CFW I believe it is safe for any model. But be warned, that I am not responsible for anything you do with your PS3! Please give feedback of what model installed on,

I left the coldboot alone, and left epilepsy warning. Just a simple CFW close to OFW, to allow playing games and getting online with the correct precautions.

1. Peek n poke
2. reactpsn
3. Install Packages +app/home
4. Removed ECDSA
5. Qa flag enabled (if flag already set, but can still set flag with 4.xx toggle qa app).
6. Can be installed over any CFW, or OFW 3.55 and lower.
7. Can be installed over any OFW if NOR/NAND flash has been patched with a hardware flasher.

I know it is working like it should. Maybe some things I didn’t try are not, IDK? But I played BO3 and GTA5 online after using PSNPatch, and my buddy is online with it now playing Madden 16.image:


For better game compatibility follow this video guide to add mamba and webman:

After following this video, you will be able to use multiman 4.70.03 and Webman Mod on NON Cobra CFW or MFW. In the video my PS3 is on Playerkp420 4.75 v1.01. But works with NON Cobra 4.78 CFW also. Tested on my Playerkp420 4.78 v1.00.

Here are the .pkg files you will need:

Thansks to  psx for the  info:


Download: Playerkp420 4.78 v1.00


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