Habib 4.75 | CFW 0.4


Update : 0.4 er kommet.

CFW 4.75 udgave fra Habib som også arbejder samme med Rebug og andre.
Har ikke testet den endnu men han plejer at lave gode ting!

Change notes in V4

1. webMAN MOD has been removed for public beta builds. [due to too many people dislike having a pre-loaded webMAN trying to help cooling ps3 with loud noises]
2. Fixed the issue with netserv with multiMAN [mmCM] causing 800 error when mounting games.
3. Fixed the issue with blocking syscall 11 causing issues with some of those habib’s homebrew that using syscall 11 [ex) habib’s qa toggle.
4. Improved PSX region/video setting bypass [conditional patches done in game_ext_plugin], this should fix the issue with video setting that prevents loading PSX games with different region.
4. In VSH, PSP DRM fix is implemented to fix 80029537 error when launching converted PSP PKG games.

Habib wrote:
Missing features in changelog:
1.detection of psx region improved
2.allowed modification of syscall 6,7,9,10,35

Tested on various NAND/NOR PS3 models.


Change notes in V3 Public beta

Changes in this release since V3 sample version.

-webMAN is removed for the public beta release [Originally included in V3 sample for private testing]
If you’d like to remove “webMAN GAME” in XMB if that’s still shown, look for the fb.xml located in this path “/dev_hdd0/xmlhost/game_plugin/fb.xml”
Delete the fb.xml to completly remove “webMAN GAME”

However, you can easily install webMAN with webMAN 1.41.01 installer pkg.

Install any CFW at your own risk.

Download: Sample 4.75 Cobra v4

Source : http://www.psx-place.com/ps3-news/2452/here-is-475-habib-cobra-v710-beta-version-04.html


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