Movian 4.10 udgivet (ShowtimeMediaCenter)


Tidligere kendt som ShowtimeMediaCenter er blevet til .
Det bedste media afspiller næste alt og med massere af lækre plugins/apps!!

This release is mostly about stability and improvement of already present features. In particular the HLS streamer received a lot of love. Downloads are available here

New generic features

  • Deprecated SpiderMonkey JavaScript engine is removed. New plugin engine Duktape (ecmascript) is updated
  • Added magnet torrent links support
  • Support browsing local network for Windows/Samba servers and also browsing shared folders on each server.
  • Upgrade to libav 11

Vastly improved HLS demuxer

  • More robust streaming of live content.
  • Support for supplementary audio tracks (multiple languages, etc).
  • Improved adaptive bitrate switching.

Raspberry Pi specific features

  • Support for Raspberry Pi 2.
  • Audio pass-thru over HDMI.
  • Automatic deinterlacing of interlaced content.
  • Automount and show USB drives on start page.

The future

I will now start working on the 5.0 release which will focus on an updated user interface. Stay tuned…

Have fun!
/Andreas – Project leader



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